Tellus specializes in the software, training, service, support and sales of Opto 22.

Tellus has expertise in all the software and hardware products from Opto 22. Our goal is to provide what you need when you need it - at our location or yours. We are here to help with customized training, emergency service, project rescue, software, databases and more.

Tellus specializes in the implementation of Canary Labs Historian Software.

Tellus can provide integration and software services for Canary Lab Historian. Our specialty is in the use of MQTT as the data collector, but we can implement all platforms. We can implement Canary Lab's powerful tools for leverage your data; Axiom, asset models, regular expression filters and more. Implements can be done on local servers, your own Cloud servers, or Canary's Cloud service.


Tellus has deep experience with Opto 22 and the related software and hardware products and systems that go into a project. We provide individual or group training on a scheduled or short notice basis. We are flexible so that training can be done at your facility, our facility or a separate location. The following topics are ready for customized training classes, but we can train on many others as well.

Progressive Traditional

EPIC/RIO System PAC Control

GroovView PAC Display

Ignition Edge SNAP PAC System

NodeRed Modbus

MQTT Sparkplug

SQL and Database




Tellus can build a software solution for your Opto 22 based project. We use the tools that come built-in from Opto 22 such as PAC Project, CodeSys, NodeRed or groovView.

We can also expand capabilities by using other software such as SQL Server, MQTT, Python, Ignition, QT or other packages to meet the needs of the project.

If you happen to require a software package that we are not familiar with, we will become proficient with it on our own time or draw on expertise of one of our many partners and resources.

Tellus is primarily a software company. We do not build control panels, create drawings or design electrical controls.

Proof of Concept

Tellus can save you time and money by helping with proof of concept. We can quickly stage the essential aspects of a system. POC work can be done at your facility or ours, using your hardware or ours, or a mix of both.

You won't have to wait. We will get right on it!

On Site Service

Tellus can provide an engineer experienced with Opto 22 to help solve whatever issue you may be having. Work can be done on site or remote, either scheduled in advance or under emergency conditions. This type of work is typically on a Time, Materials and Expenses basis.

Project Rescue

We have a knack for being able to quickly pick up the pieces of a project gone bad and bring it to life. Sometimes this involves helping the original people complete their project and sometime this involves projects where the software people are gone.


Tellus can supply you with Opto 22 hardware and software. We are experienced with the various product families from the new to the old. Our technical capability and project experience make us the best source for your Opto 22 purchase.

Opto Partner

Tellus is an authorized Opto 22 Partner and certified for Opto 22 training. Our experience with Opto 22 software, hardware, and all the tools that make up a great system put us in a special position to help you and your project.

Tellus can help you with your Internet of Things journey. We understand how to move data, interface to the Cloud, and process data in a practical and efficient manner. We can start small and grow your IoT and Cloud presence at whatever pace you feel comfortable. Opto has the tools right out of the box to do the job. There is no need to purchase expensive hardware or software.

IoT Certified

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Tellus is located near the bustling industrial city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

We do business throughout the the US.

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Tellus was started in 2020 by a father and son team to provide software and services for Opto 22 based systems.

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Sam Engsberg | Process Engineer | 262-442-5941 |


Tellus is a Latin word meaning "Earth".